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You now have purchased your golf cart online from The Dean Team Golf Cart and need to have it delivered to your home. If you can’t haul it yourself using a truck and trailer then no worries, there are many ways to easily ship the cart from us directly to your door!

Steps to Arrange Your Golf Car Shipping:

  • Know where you're going to pick up the cart and where you need it delivered to.
    First you want to know where to pick up your golf cart from. We have multiple locations so please contact your salesperson for the exact address for your contracted transport company to pickup. They will also need your physical address for an accurate quote.

  • Find a Transportation Company
    Before you trust your new golf car to just anyone, it is important to research the transportation companies. Make sure that any company you consider is capable of shipping golf cars and they have experience. Also check out their customer reviews. Use companies like Google and Yelp for reviews to decide if the transportation company is right for you? We do not recommend using any company with a rating below 3 stars. You may already know the transportation company you want to use, but if you don’t have one in mind, the links below can take you to our preferred trusted transportation vendors.

    Car Carrier Group

  • Schedule and Booking Golf Car Shipping
    Being located in the middle of the USA has its perks because transportation companies are driving through the Midwest every minute of the day, however it can take time to get your cart delivered to your door. Special shipments like golf cars can typically take from a few days up to 3 weeks (depending on location). We will strongly recommend that you book your golf car shipment at least a month in advance of when you need it picked up.

  • What does the Dean Team do to prepare for the golf car shipment?
    Dean Team Golf Carts are experts at preparing golf cars for shipment. We clean and detail the golf car for you, remove any items that could blow away, secure or remove the windshield and finally send you photos and a full video walkaround of the golf car.

  • How much will it cost?
    The price of shipping depends on many factors. For an exact quote please visit one of the preferred vendors' sites and ask for a quote. For more assistance or an estimate call Dean Team Golf Carts at 1-866-450-1409.
  • How do I get my Transportation Assistance from Dean Team Golf Carts?
    Dean Team Golf Carts will provide all customers with a partial payment for transportation costs, and in many cases, our Transportation Assistance Program can even cover the full cost of transportation expenses. We will send you a check directly for your transportation once we finalize a deal. This process usually takes between 8-10 business days. Call the Dean Team at 1-866-450-1409 to have your transportation assistance calculated.

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